Hair Transplant in Istanbul and Places to Visit in Istanbul

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Hair Transplant in Istanbul and Places to Visit in Istanbul

Hair Transplant in Istanbul and Places to Visit in Istanbul

For those who want to visit the city while having their hair transplant performed, I arranged a list of places that I recommend to be seen in Istanbul. For a list of the places to see in Istanbul and for my recommendations please read on …

Hair Transplant in Istanbul and Places to Visit in Istanbul

Hair transplant in Istanbul is very popular in recent years. In this popularity, the choice of hair transplant specialists and hair transplant centers are high, the prices are affordable compared to European countries and the attraction of travel offered by the city is effective. Those who come to Istanbul for hair transplants from Europe definitely want to visit the city. So, where can you visit in this city while having a hair transplant? What are the things to do in Istanbul?

List of Places to Visit in Istanbul

You have the chance to turn the hair transplant process into a pleasant holiday in Istanbul. The city is really impressive and has places worth exploring. It is possible to come across the best restaurant chains in the world and to experience the tastes of street food in the lively city that is alive 24 hours a day. It is a great excitement to get lost in the colorfulness of chaos while experiencing European comfort at the same time. Even people who were born and raised in Istanbul continue to explore this city and the pleasure you will get from the city is terrific. So, what’s in Istanbul or where to visit in Istanbul? For this purpose, let’s prepare a to do list in Istanbul:

To Do List in Istanbul

The to do list in Istanbul is too long. It can’t be explained in one single paragraph. However, some of the places I would recommend you to see during your hair transplant in Istanbul can be listed as follows:

● Istiklal street – Beyoglu – Sultanahmet Triangle: This is the heart of the city and is a must see for almost every tourist visiting the city. Consulates, government buildings and large hospitals are also in and around this area. This is the heart of the transport network.

Istiklal street, which is hundreds of years old, is a 24 hour a day street. So, you can find restaurants, entertainment centers, pubs and even shops open at 5am. You can choose this region for food, Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, entertainment and shopping. The Sultanahmet Square has traces from the day Istanbul was established as a settlement.

The foundations of the first settlement in this region was laid by the colonial leaders called Byzas, and later Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans built large buildings. The Horse Square where horse carriage races took place during the Byzantine period, the

Hagia Sophia Church, one of the most unique buildings in the history of architecture, the Hagia Eirene Church, which is located within the walls of the Topkapi Palace, and the Magnificent underground structures of the Romans called Basilica Cistern and also beautiful structures by the Ottoman dynasty.

● Mecidiyekoy, Merter, Laleli Triangle: Istanbul, as a city, is a complicated shopping center.  Turkey being a textile manufacturing country has most of the textile workshops in Merter and Laleli districts. The surplus products are also sold here. You can get amazing textile products at unbelievable prices by visiting this region. But this shopping can be a bit tiring. For more comfortable shopping, you can visit the giant shopping malls in Mecidiyekoy and Levent, some of which are the biggest in Europe.

● Cihangir – Bagdat Street – Karakoy the Flavor Triangle: Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city. It is one of the most populous cities in the world and one of the few cities that attract the most visitors. It is no wonder that world famous chefs have opened restaurants in this city. Cihangir – Bagdat Street – Karakoy are the main centers of restaurants. At these three spots you can come across great restaurants. Moreover, many may not even need reservations.

● Princes ‘Islands and Bostanci Coast: The Princes’ Islands throughout history are probably the most beautiful places of Istanbul. Many of the Princes’ Islands, which seem as if they could be touched if you reach out from the coast of Maltepe offer pleasant recreational areas that are closed to motor vehicle traffic. However, the residences in the Islands have very special buildings that reflect a hundred-year-old cottage architecture. Here you can enjoy peaceful activities such as horse carriage rides, the fish restaurants on the beach and look at Istanbul from a distance. Cycling enthusiasts and windsurfers often prefer the Islands. It is possible to make boat trips off the islands and even swim too. On the opposite shore of the islands there is the Bostancı Coast. Here you can enjoy the view in summer and spring. You can sunbathe and swim at Sureyya Beach.

How is the Transition from Istanbul to the Holiday Areas?

There are also many holiday routes that you can reach by plane or by road from Istanbul. For example, by plane from Istanbul to Bodrum is 1 hour, between Istanbul and Antalya 1.5 hours. Izmir is famous for its houses of Cretan architecture, unspoiled streets, world-class restaurants and is only 45 minutes away. You can also get one or two days of such getaways. You can stay on the blue flagged beaches in Antalya by staying in very big luxury hotels. You can find many options such as swimming, wind surfing and diving in İzmir, Cesme, Foca, Seferihisar, Urla districts. It is also easy to travel from Istanbul to Bodrum. There are flights to Bodrum via Istanbul Airport or Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Within an hour and a half, you can land in Bodrum and have a pleasant holiday there. Bodrum is famous for its white houses, clear sea and small but pleasant fish restaurants on the shore. Halicarnassus is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Where in Turkey should be preferred for a Hair Transplant?

If you are making travel plans for a hair tranplant in Turkey or any other country, I suggest you to be careful regarding the following two points.

Pay attention to these when choosing a hair transplant center!

● Be able to provide you with reference for previous procedures.

● Share detailed information about their health team.

How is the Hair Transplant Process in Istanbul?

Many people who plan to come to Istanbul for a hair transplant procedure wonder how the process progresses. When you have a hair transplant in Istanbul or another city, after the operation hairs that are transplanted will shed within a month. This shedding is referred to as “shock spill”. As of the third month, new and permanent hairs start to grow. We can say that the complete results of the process can be seen between 8-12 months.

Getting a Hair Transplant in Another Country …

It is difficult to decide to have an operation related to your health in a country where you do not know the people and do not know their language and culture. However, based on my experience, I can say that; it is important to know that there are other people from your own country here for the same purpose.

When I’m preparing travel plans for patients, I approach it with empathy, by remembering when I first came to Turkey. I’m asking myself how I felt when I was going to a country where I didn’t know the language for a procedure about my health. I have been working in the field of health tourism for a long time and I have come across many different examples. I’ve seen some things are important such as feeling safe and knowing that there are other people coming from your own country is definitely reassuring too and knowing that you will be met at the airport, given information on where to stay and receiving detailed and clear information about the hair transplant process are positive factors. So, how can one choose Turkey for a hair transplant? I also could ask: why Turkey for a hair transplant?

Why Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

I can easily say that; hair transplant in Turkey is now among the first preferences. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Hair transplants are done at an affordable price when compared to the prices in Europe and the Middle East.
  • It is probably one of the few countries in the world where most of the hair  transplant procedures are carried out, which makes the health staff very experienced. This allows not just a single point of view to the subject but rather to view it at many different points of views.
  • Since the beginning of 2000, Turkey has had support from the government for its health tourism organizations and a very successful hair transplant program, which  is one of its most important organizations.
  • In Turkey, mainly in Istanbul, there are many hair transplant centers engaged  in providing services. This leads to increased competition and in both prices and expert approach becomes competitive.
  • The competitive environment has enabled centers to offer patients coming from abroad detailed and luxurious services including airline transfer, accommodation and even sightseeing. You can reach me from my 24/7 contact information and combine health and holiday to plan your hair transplant in Istanbul which is full of unique and beautiful sites to discover. Me and my team of experts are ready to get you the thick and fuller hair you want.

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