Who is Meral Kalafat? / Who am I?


I was born in 1975 in Germany. I completed my education, up to university, in Germany. In 1995 I entered the German Foreign Languages Faculty of Education section in the University of Istanbul in Turkey. Although I am originally from Turkey, I discovered the way of life in Turkey and the Turkish culture during this period. In 2000, I graduated as a German teacher. Instead of teaching I started to take part in German-Turkish joint projects as I know both German and Turkish fluently and I know both cultures and countries very well. As most of the projects were in the field of health tourism, I focused on working on this field.

In 2007, I founded a German based health tourism agency: Almer Hair Agency. I was in Germany until 2012 and provided services such as travel, accommodation and organization of the treatment to patients who were getting hair, beard, mustache, eyebrow transplants and other applications from Germany to Turkey. I am providing guidance to those seeking experts in transplant procedures and information on methods of transplants in Turkey. I moved to Istanbul in 2012 with the desire to be fully involved and to be with patients throughout the process. I can explain this decision as follows:

For a hair transplant or a different aesthetic health application, it is very difficult to decide to go to a country where you do not know the language, culture or laws. In fact, it is difficult to decide for such an operation by yourself, and in a foreign country, it is intimidating to many people to attempt these things. It was precisely from this point that I decided to settle in Istanbul in 2012 in order to guide my clients in the closest manner possible with the fact that being from the same country and speaking their language gave them a great deal of support. Both by knowing their language as well as having knowledge and experience in accommodation in the health field as well as someone who knows Turkey very much for traveling, I think they will feel much more confident that I can support their trips. In summary; Since 2012, I have been with my clients during the whole process and I enjoy supporting them in every matter they need.

Aside from all this, I feel that, as Meral Kalafat, I will make a worthwhile difference between myself and another medical tourism agency due to my experience as follows: I opened my own agency only after taking part in different projects and working with very many elite health institutions in Turkey and in Europe. In this process I had the opportunity to experience and see especially doing good business in Turkey is important and has one of the highest ethical and quality standards for physicians and institutions in the world. When planning for my clients, I always act with the experience of this perspective and as a result I get very gratified results.

With my expert team and our clinic with high standards I want to create a happy and successful experience for you to have fuller hair. Write to me 24/7 via WhatsApp and speak regarding the details so we can book your appointment right away.

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