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For Hairtransplantation and Health; Almer Hair!

Almer Hair operates in order to provide a perfect solution for you in health.

Hair Transplant Technique

As a team, we use the latest technology, DHI, Safir Percutan and FUE method.

Operation Time

Duration of operation is completed within 5-7 hours in 1 day.

Resting Time

After the procedure, you can continue your life from where you left off with a 2-day rest.

Operation Result

At the end of 12 months, the hair growth phase is completed and you have brand new natural and bushy hair.

Almer Hair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Questions

Plastic surgery medical doctors can apply this operation in hospital operation rooms with local anesthesia.

As long as it’s done via medical doctors, in hospital hygenic conditions and with approved tools, there is no known harmful effect of hair transplant.

The procedure takes place under local anesthesis nd you do not feel any pain during the trasplant. And you can go back to your normal daily life right after the procedure.

It takes approximately 6-8 hours.

You can go straight home after the procedure.

Everyone between  ages 20-65 can have this procedure safely.

Depending on the size of the transplant area, theseverity of hair loss and the size of the donor area it might take a few repetitions with minimum 6 months apart.

There is no blocker for you to get right back to work after the procedure.

YES, we take the donor hair follicles from the rear and back of the neck. Even patients who experienced severe loss of hair still have healthy hair at these regions of the scalp. And these regions of the scalp are genetically almost not prone to hair loss.

Almer Hair

With our 12 years experience of hair, beard, mustache we are ready to be with you, immediately contact us.